Our mission is to provide quality and compassionate care to our patients. At the Center for Orthopedic and Spinal Surgery we have a professional staff that utilizes their years of experience and skills to provide the quality service you deserve. Here, patient care and customer service go hand in hand. The respect and family-like atmosphere makes our office different than other offices.

Our Mission

Adult and Pediatric Spinal Conditions


Diagnosis, treatment and correction of painful spinal conditions.

Adult and Pediatric Orthopedic Injuries


Correction and repair of disorders, injuries or impairments of the skeletal system.

Hand & Wrist Surgery


Diagnosis, treatment and reconstruction of orthopedic and vascular issues.

Knee, Shoulder & Sports Reconstruction Surgery


Minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery leads to less risk of infection and accelerated heal time for small or large joints.

Arthroscopic Surgery of the Knee, Shoulder, Hip, Elbow, Wrist & Other Joints


Minimally invasive procedure using a tiny incision and video guided scope to repair injured joints.

Traumatic Injuries


Diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of further exacerbation of traumatic injury to any orthopedic area.  

Hand Surgery

- Ligament/tendon repairs

- Carpal tunnel syndrome

- Minimally invasive joint repair

- Traumatic injury care

Fracture Care


Diagnosis, casting, splinting, and/or surgical placement of displaced and non-displaced fractures. 

Joint Replacement Surgery


Partial and total repair and replacement of joints.

Foot and Ankle Surgery


Diagnosis, treatment and repair of ankle disorders and injuries.

Sports Medicine


Adult and pediatric sport related medical injuries.

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